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Original Penguin Płyn po goleniu & Perfumy dla mężczyzn

Original Penguin is an American fashion brand launched in the 1950's. The company was founded by Abbot Pederson, a Minneapolis salesman who came up with the brands mascot, Pete the Penguin, on a flight from New York. He'd bought a stuffed penguin toy while out drinking the night before and after the poor penguins head ended up getting lopped off during the flight he used his tie to fix the toy. An air hostess saw this and immediately said she thought the elegant little bird with the nice tie would look great on a shirt. When Pederson came home he drew up the Pete the Penguin design that would make his brand famous. The casual polo shirt he came up with became a big hit both on and off the course. Abbot Pederson himself was an avid golfer and his interested in the game is reflected in the many golf-inspired designs and also the company’s well known sponsorships of golf stars.

Penguins casual shirts were a big hit in the 50's and were worn by notables like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Richard Nixon. The brand was now known as a dependable and stylish gentlemen's brand with shirts and to fit any occasion. In the early 2000's the brand was revived by Perry Ellis after having been under the radar for a while and started to mix the casual sportswear origins of the brand with more modern styles.

Aside from new clothing ranges a line of fragrances were later introduced, inspired by the the brands casual retro image. The first, Original Penguin for Men (2011) is a fresh aromatic with oriental leanings featuring neroli, apples, pepper and fir blended on top of vanilla, patchouli and musk. Another noteworthy scent for men is Reserve (2013), a spicy fougere scent that exudes masculinity and charm.
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